Find out more about Corpse Girl and her role in the mysterious killings that begin to plague Tokyo in this psychological horror visual novel in development by River Crow Studio.

CORPSE FACTORY is a psychological thriller and horror visual novel in development by River Crow Studio. Learn more about Corpse Girl, a mysterious site on the deep web that people can use to exact revenge on those who have wronged them. 

The plot of CORPSE FACTORY is an intriguing one that will have you on the edge of your seat all throughout the demo. The story starts off with the protagonist of the prologue, Emi, who works with three mean girls at a clothing store. She gets fired from her job after being framed for a crime by her coworkers. Eventually, Emi finds herself conveniently discussing the option of revenge with an old high school classmate. 

This classmate tells her about Corpse Girl, a website that allows people to enter the name of someone they want dead along with a phone number and picture. In a few days’ time, the victim will receive a picture of their own corpse before eventually dying. 

Though we follow Emi for this portion of the demo, it’s her decision to involve herself with the Corpse Girl website that introduces the mysterious girl to us and opens up a web of mystery, horror, and morality. It becomes clear that CORPSE FACTORY is not Emi’s story, but the Corpse Girl’s. 

The visual novel’s game page confirms that in the full game, you will take the role of the Corpse Girl herself. However, we never meet her in the demo, which is unfortunate. 

By the end of the demo, you’re left with more questions than you started with, but that works to add suspense to the already tense story.  Overall, I’d say the game’s plot is unique and promising. 

CORPSE FACTORY is aesthetically gorgeous. There is an ample number of CGs throughout, whether they be closeups of the characters, events unfolding in the story, or particularly gory scenes. The character sprites are expressive and the backgrounds are very detailed, tying together the game’s polished look. 

The music in CORPSE FACTORY is great. Despite the opening few scenes depicting an ordinary day at work for Emi, there is something minutely eerie about the background track. It felt as if I was constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for someone or something to jump out at me. When things begin to get particularly tense in the story, the music distorts slightly. 

Unfortunately, there are no choices in the demo version of CORPSE FACTORY. This is hardly an issue, as the game’s story, art, and music do most of the leg work. The game’s page does promise a few key decisions that can change how the game ends in the full version, though. 

The Verdict

CORPSE FACTORY is a thrilling experience that horror fans will love. With stunning art, immersive music, and an intriguing plot, players will enjoy an engaging experience. 

You can download the demo on Steam or 



Anna Mirabella