Demo Review: Venus: Improbable Dream

Through the lens of music, friendship, and romance Venus: Improbable Dream from BorealisGames is a game that intends to highlight the multi-fold need for empathy and compassion for those struggling with...

Demo Review: Henchman Story

Henchman Story is an upcoming twist on superhero stories in which you play an average henchman working for a supervillain.
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Demo Review: Scarlet Hollow

Scarlet Hollow is an episodic horror visual novel currently in development, set in a small Appalachian town.
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Demo Review: Solar Echoes: The Star Legation

Step into your starship and blast off on a mission to unite the galaxy in Solar Echoes: The Star Legation.
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Demo Review: Schrodinger’s Catgirl

Follow Lemi and Leon as they venture into an abandoned mansion to solve a mystery in this point and click mystery visual novel currently on Kickstarter.

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