Don’t Start Your New Year Without Trying These Games

With a new year rapidly approaching, we’re taking a look at some notable games that were released in 2022. You’ll definitely want to check these out before the year ends! 

With a new year rapidly approaching, we’re taking a look at some notable games that were released in 2022. You’ll definitely want to check these out before the year ends! 

Our Life: Now & Forever by GB Patch Games 

Our Life is a popular and well-loved franchise by GB Patch Games. In this series, you play as a character you create and customize, and follow them through their various stages of life, starting from childhood all the way into their adulthood. GB Patch Games released the demo for the second game in the series, Our Life: Now & Forever, late in 2021; however, a new update has recently been released. In Our Life: Now & Forever, you move to a cozy cul-de-sac with your mother and befriend your two new neighbors. GB Patch Games has been working consistently on the game and continues to release updates for players to try out. That’s why I think now is a great time to try out the demo if you haven’t already! Especially considering more expansive updates are on the horizon. The demo, available on and Steam, has quite a bit of content already, so you’ll have a lot to try out. 

Our Fantastic Wonderland by Carrot Patch Games 

This year’s Spooktober Jam featured the most entries we’ve seen to date. With the jam’s growing popularity, more and more amazing visual novels have been shared with us. A notable entry is Our Fantastic Wonderland by Carrot Patch Games, which took first place and won the grand prize. Our Fantastic Wonderland is about a cleric who goes on an adventure to bring the Jewel of Happiness back to its altar and ultimately restore the world’s happiness. Along the way, Ignatius will meet new members, three of whom you can possibly romance, who join his party and help complete his quest. The game will be especially interesting to people who are fans of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. With humor, dynamic animations, and an engaging story, this is certainly a game worthy of its grand prize! 

Someone Stole MY LUNCH! by Studio Clump 

Studio Clump’s Someone Stole MY LUNCH! is an entry to the 2022 NaNoRenO game jam. It’s a short free game that I think players of all interests would enjoy. It caught my attention because of its silly, yet totally relatable script. What happens when someone takes your lunch at work? What do you do? Careful, because some choices can prove to be fatal. There are over seven endings, and each playthrough is around twenty minutes each. Despite its length, there’s a lot to discover, including a minigame. I adore the art and UI of this game so much. With food looking this good, I can see why the MC is so angry about having their lunch stolen! I think this game beautifully showcases the kind of entertaining game developers can make in only a month’s time. 

The Spanish Privateer by SinSisters 

We first heard about The Spanish Privateer way back in 2018 when a demo was released for that year’s Otome Game Jam. I’m happy to report that the full version was released earlier this year. Over the years, the game got an overhaul, including completely new art! In The Spanish Privateer, you play as Isabel Carlota de Castilla, a young woman who takes refuge on a ship. Follow her journey as she maneuvers her new lifestyle and also possibly falls in love with one of three diverse love interests. The game has over 200k words, which will certainly keep you busy! Definitely check out this game if you’re interested in otome games, especially ones in a unique setting like a pirate ship! It’s available on both and Steam.

Inter by lazytiger 

Inter is a short free visual novel that was submitted to the 2022 Winter VN Game Jam. It’s a sensory visual novel that utilizes fluid motions, real photographs, overhead text and phone chat messages. While the game is short, it is certainly beautiful. There are two ways to play. You can choose a cozy story or a spooky story. You’re able to move your mouse around the screen and capture different elements of the photograph. There is also a great soundtrack backing the entire game that helps to create a calming vibe. Appealing to both the eyes and the ears, this game creates a very immersive and engaging winter experience!

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite visual novels of 2022 are!

Anna Mirabella