5 Slice of Life Visual Novels We Love

Here are five slice of life visual novels that deserve some love.

Slice-of-life visual novels can be cozy, comforting, and sometimes comedic or even tear-jerking. “Slice of life” can be defined as stories that feature “ordinary” experiences, and I think creative developers have shown that there’s a lot of storytelling possibilities to this, such as blending slice of life with fantasy.

There is an endless selection of visual novels that have amazing slice-of-life stories. That’s why we’ve selected five visual novels that depict the ordinary in an extraordinary way!

Heart on Your Sleeve

Platforms: Windows, Mac (itch.io)

Price: Free

Heart on Your Sleeve is a heartwarming visual novel that illustrates the awkwardness and insecurities some of us feel on a date. In this case, the protagonist goes on a second date with Taylor, a character who shines at making MC feel confident. One of my favorite parts of this game is getting to choose the MC’s outfit for the date and the funny dialogue comments made in response to the outfit choice.

The feel-good vibes and healthy relationship dynamic is why this is such a great visual novel. I will mention that the pace of the story is on the slower side, so if that’s not a barrier for you, then be sure to give this one a shot.

I’m a Side Character in a BL Story!

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser (itch.io)

Price: Free

As the title suggests, I’m a Side Character in a BL Story! tells the story of the main characters through the side character’s perspective. This game is charming, wholesome, and funny as it illustrates the romance between the main characters Peter and Danny. The nameable side character even has clever dialogue and his own choices that will determine how he helps move the story along.

This game is a spinoff of I’m a Love Interest in My Childhood Friend’s Reverse Harem!!! by the same developer, so if you liked the concept of this game, be sure to check the other one out!

Tales of Grumville: A Legendary Pie and a Nameless Statue

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (itch.io)

Price: Free

In Tales of Grumville, spunky mouse girl Audrey thinks her town is incredibly dull and boring. Her father has purchased a bakery in Grumville, but ironically, his pies don’t taste very good. What I love about this game is the dialogue and narration, and the various bits of irony, like when Audrey proclaims herself to be “a cat person.”

Since this visual novel is kinetic, the story is linear and there are no choices. The writing and sprightly characters come together to make this visual novel the charming story that it is, keeping you interested all the way to the end.

Witch Tea?

Platforms: Windows, Mac (itch.io)

Price: Free

Nothing says “cozy slice of life” better than a tea-brewing witch who helps customers find the tea that soothes their worries. One of the fun features in Witch Tea? is that you get to actually pick and choose which ingredients go in the tea, and the ingredients each have their own unique name and artwork. Dried gagaberries and fairy milk are just two of the ingredients you’ll find.

Witch Tea? is adorable and full of moments that made me laugh, especially when it came to the Lovestruck Girl’s story. I love this game to pieces and happily give it five stars.

Blanket Cat

Platforms: Windows, Mac (itch.io)

Price: Free

In Blanket Cat, you’ll find that the life of a witch’s cat is rather eventful. All of the characters are so lovable in this game, especially Iggy, who has such a sweet yet saucy personality. The game presents a fun spin on the cat-and-mouse duo as Iggy the proud cat and Peep the timid mouse interact and even form an unlikely, but surprisingly tear-jerking, bond.

This visual novel is as cute as they come. The art feels playful and bright, matching the whimsical nature of the game and the imaginative story that coincides. For these reasons, Blanket Cat is another instant favorite for me.