Visual Novels With Cozy Fall Vibes

These visual novels take place in the cozy autumn season!

The first day of fall is coming up on September 22, which means that it’s time for visual novels that have a cozy fall vibe. Tall trees with orange leaves, sweaters, pumpkins and even steaming coffee or tea are all indications that fall has arrived. Even though I live in a desert climate where the fall season doesn’t really exist, I like the idea of it, because something about it screams ‘It’s time to be cozy!’ These visual novels all have that cozy fall vibe that everyone loves!

Our Life: Now & Forever

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (Steam) (

Price: TBA (Free Demo)

Some of you may be familiar with the popular title Our Life: Beginnings & Always, which follows the story of the boy next door as he progresses into adulthood. Our Life: Now & Forever features a similar theme, but this time you grow up alongside two of your friends.

The story in Our Life: Now & Forever takes place in autumn, the perfect backdrop for an emotionally stirring story about growing up. Creating childhood memories in the chilly, cold season with two friends is as cozy as it gets. The game is in the demo stages, but that demo has a whopping 50k word count to keep readers entertained.

The Cat & Witch’s Autumn

Platforms: Windows, Browser (

Price: Free

This visual brings a pumpkin to life as the one and only nameable ‘Pumpkitty.’ The story unfolds from Pumpkitty’s perspective as you embark on an adventure alongside your witch friend.

This game gets a 10/10 in cozy vibes thanks to the peaceful soundtrack, beautiful fall backgrounds, and adorable characters. Pumpkitty has to be the cutest pumpkin I’ve ever seen in the video game world! Nothing screams fall more than witches, pumpkin kitties, and a witch cottage buried in the autumn-struck forest.

Embraced by Autumn

Platforms: Windows, Linux (Steam) (

Price: US $18.99

Embraced by Autumn tells the story of Marcel, the son of an infamous actor. Marcel is sent off to an all-girls boarding school and must disguise himself as a girl. This is a fun crossdressing romance visual novel with four romantic love interests.

Not only does this story takes place during the fall season in the countryside, but instead of a modern setting, this visual takes place in the year 1896. The backgrounds in Embraced by Autumn perfectly capture the autumn countryside ambience, and the story is itself captivating and timeless.