Great Visual Novels Made in Unity

Considering how many gems there are, I thought it’d be nice to create a short list of some great visual novels that were made in Unity.

A few years back, anyone who used Unity got flack due to so many low-quality games being busted out that had free assets anyone could download off the Unity store. However, I think as time passed, developers showed that Unity isn’t just an engine you can make a quick buck with. It can be used to create great games. So today, I’ll be telling you about some visual novels made in Unity that you need to check out.

(Note: For those wondering, I plan on making a similar list of games that were made using Ren’Py.)

Along the Edge

Price: $9.99

Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam) (, Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Daphné, the game’s protagonist, is stuck. She feels like she hasn’t accomplished much in both her personal and professional lives. Every day is a chore; it’s the same old, same old. When she receives news that she’ll inherit an old family house located in a remote part of the country, she moves without any hesitation in hope that this will be the change she needs.

What is very interesting about this game is that the character as well as her appearance is greatly influenced by the player’s choices. The player’s influence on the game doesn’t stop there. Each choice will impact the game’s story, as there are 60 different endings to unlock, as well as change who will live to the end, who Daphné will get with, and more. There’s a ton of replay value in this intriguing title.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Price: $14.99

Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam), PlayStation 4 (PSN Store), Nintendo Switch (eShop), iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play)

Yep, the big hit known as Dream Daddy was made in Unity!

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator was created by the people behind Game Grumps and a multitude of other talented folks. You create your own dad character, who you can make as normal or as absurd looking as you want. Don’t worry, the game’s cast will love you no matter how you look.

You and your daughter move into the quiet town of Maple Bay. Settling into the new neighborhood, you find out that it’s filled with a ton of single fathers who are looking for a connection. (Well, there’s also a married man named Joseph, but we’re not going to talk about him.)

The most celebrated thing about this game is how likable most of the dads are. (Again, we’re not going to talk about Joseph.) I think they’re pretty likable, even if some of their interests are seemingly played up for laughs, such as Damien’s love for weird erotic Naruto fanfiction. I enjoyed my time with Dream Daddy, and the amount of effort the team clearly put into this game, such as with the inclusion of mini-games and the character creation, is worth a shout-out. If you haven’t played Dream Daddy for whatever reason, what are you waiting for? Play it, it’s a fun game!

Dry Drowning

Price: $19.99

Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam) (, Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Dry Drowning is a mystery-thriller visual novel that takes place in the dark dystopian city of Nova Polemos. In this dark yet vibrantly colored world reside private investigator Mordred Foley and his partner Hera. They’re public enemy number one, as Mordred was accused of planting evidence in a murder case that led to the wrongful execution of two people. Despite six years having passed, it seems the past won’t release its grip on the duo. A popular politician is arrested, as the police believe he murdered someone. Mordred is brought in to clear this guy’s name, but as he digs into the case, it seems the true murderer from the case from six years ago is showing themself. Will Mordred be able to clear his and his partner’s names and catch the true killer? Or will their names live on in infamy?

Dry Drowning plays similarly to Ace Attorney. You go around and collect evidence that you will later use when questioning people about the case. There are also some puzzles sprinkled throughout the game, which serve as a way to help give the player a break from the text.

If you’re in the need for a gritty mystery game, check out Dry Drowning!


Price: $9.99

Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam) (

Herald takes place in the nineteenth century in an alternative world where the West came together to create a colonial superpower known in-game as the Protectorate. Devan Rensburg, the game’s protagonist, is a young mixed race man. He was born in the Eastern colonies but raised up in the West, so there’s a feeling of conflict stored within him already. As he tries to figure out if he should follow in the ways of the West or those of his ancestors, he finds himself aboard the HLV Herald. On this ship is a diverse group of characters who all have their own beliefs and backgrounds. This, along with the news of unrest among the colonies, causes tensions to quickly rise. What happens on the ship is up to you, the player.

As someone who has always had a fascination with history and different cultures, this game stood out to me. It’s very rare to have a game with a main character of color that also tackles the topics of race, class, and the differences between cultures pretty effectively.

With everyone essentially being trapped on the ship together, there are going to be issues. However, it’s up to Devan how he will handle them. He could take the side of the rich elites from the West, who will no doubt appreciate it and, who knows, could help Devan rise to a higher position. Or should he take the side of the people of lower station like himself?

At the moment, two out of the four books are available, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest to come out!


Price: $14.99

Available Platforms: Windows, Mac (Steam) (, Nintendo Switch (eShop), iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play)

I discovered LongStory a long way back when browsing the Google Play store for some games to play. I came across LongStory and thought the art was cute, so I downloaded it. Of course, I became hooked and fell in love with the school’s mascot, Turkeyhawk, who seemingly never removes that costume.

You play as the new kid around the block. On your first day after getting bullied by the school bullies because of course you do, you find out that your locker has a history to it. Turns out that the previous owner of your character’s locker just up and disappeared. No one knows what really happened to that student, but hey, maybe you can find out what happened to them. Or you can just live a normal life as you try to navigate your way at your new school. But who wants to do that?

LongStory is split up into 8 “episodes,” as the game calls them. Each episode has its own separate story, so while you will investigate what happened to the previous owner of your locker, there’s more stories than just that one. While all that is going on, there’s also a romance element attached to this game. LongStory is an LGBTQ+ friendly game, and you can date whoever you want regardless of how you identify.

It’s a short game, but I think those who are looking for something endearing will like LongStory.

Kristi Jimenez