VN Game Den Team Spotlight: Our Projects

Check out what games VN Game Den team is making!

Did you know that the team at VN Game Den also make their own visual novels? Today, we thought we would spotlight what each member of our team is working on! Be sure to check out each of their games or their respective demos.


I’m currently working on two otome game projects under Foxdrift Studios, which is led by me; I’m the writer, programmer, & UI designer.

1. The Dark Prince 

  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romance
  • An episodic otome game made for Otome Jam 2022
  • Chapter 1 released on June 30th (Windows, Mac, and Linux on

“Upon the untimely passing of the late daemon king, Prince Drakon will take the Crown and reign all seven kingdoms. The prince’s first task is to wed the fae princess of Tarafin.

The unification of a daemon and a fae is as unnatural as milk in mead; what could the Dark Prince possibly want with her?”

Synopsis for The Dark Prince

This game is based on a book I was writing. I decided to take a break from making my main game, Garden of Seif: Chronicles of an Assassin, and create The Dark Prince as a visual novel because I was having a hard time with life and needed a very simple project to keep me motivated. This story is inspired by Beauty and the Beast. This is also my first game that has a little bit of character customization; the players can choose between two different skin tones for both the love interest and the female protagonist. There is no definitive date for when I’ll release more chapters for this game since it was a spur-of-the-moment project, but if people want more chapters, my ideas are to hopefully have more skin tone options as well as gardening/magic minigames.

2. Garden of Seif: Chronicles of an Assassin This one is coming to Kickstarter!

  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
  • Demo (Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam)

An undercover assassin is on a mission to knock out her marks, but things turn upside down when a guild of enemy assassins is after her bounty. She runs into two mysterious men along her journey, both claiming to be trustworthy, but their secrets could lead her deeper into trouble.

Synopsis for Garden of Seif: Chronicles of an Assassin

I like to make my games with villains as the main characters, and then show that they can actually become good people. So that’s a little insight on why all my games so far focus on villainous characters. 

Note: Also, there is no nudity in any of my games, but I have content warnings and some suggestive themes, so I suggest my games for teens and older!


I am the owner, creative director, and writer of LegendEx Games. Our focus is on creating heavily narrative-driven games that emphasize strong character development and engaging plots. 

Battle Royale: For Your Heart

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Demo (Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam)

Battle Royale: For Your Heart! (BRFYH) is a battle royale themed romance parody game in development. This game is a critique on common visual novel and anime tropes, online gaming communities, and, of course, the ever-growing popularity of battle royale games.

Synopsis for Battle Royale: For Your Heart!

The current game our team is working on is called Battle Royale: For Your Heart, a battle royale–themed parody dating game. In BRFYH, you play as a noob who has never entered a battle royale competition before. After mistakenly entering a duos tournament, you have to figure out how you’re going to win the competition, who you’re going to ally with, and possibly find love along the way. Choose your avatar, player voice, gamertag, weapon loadout, path, and more! All the while, you’ll also be choosing who you’re going to team up with, who you’ll be rivals with, and more amongst a cast of colorful characters—four of which you can date!

BRFYH is an attempt to branch two of my communities together. I stream a lot of battle royale games and I also make visual novels. I was trying to think of a way to connect the two and show my friends in my streaming community the appeal of visual novels as valid and engaging games. A lot of the jokes and experiences the characters have are from personal situations I’ve encountered myself or seen my friends run into. This VN is a reflection of a huge part of my life, and I hope to present an authentic experience with some lighthearted comedy along the way!


I’m part of Snowhaven Studios, and while we have a few projects going on, our major focus is Love’s Crescendo, a yuri romance visual novel.

Love’s Crescendo

  • Genre: Yuri, LGBTQIA+, Rhythm, Romance
  • Platforms to be released on: Windows, Mac, and Linux (demo coming soon!)

Love’s Crescendo follows Valerie and Cadence, two college students. While they’re both on a music path, Valerie is a composer and Cadence is a pianist whom Valerie asks to perform her musical compositions. As they work together, their friendship starts to change ever so slightly to something more.

When making Love’s Crescendo, our team decided that since it’s a music game, it should have optional rhythm mini-games as well as a demo that showcases the lovely story we have planned for our leading ladies, Valerie and Cadence.


Hiya everybody! I’m Kristi, also known as HusbandoGoddess. At the moment, there are two projects that I’m focused on right now: A Marble’s Muse and Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome.

  1. A Marble’s Muse
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Demo (Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam &

In the small island country of Liliana, lays Clarke, an artist who just so happens to be a marble. They’re having some trouble, you see. They’re facing the worst thing that can happen to a creative: artist’s block. Following the footsteps of their favorite artists, they’re out on the town to find a muse! That’s where you come in! It’s your job to guide Clarke to their next muse and maybe even help them find love along the way. Will you make Clarke’s next piece the best portrait Liliana has ever seen, or will they continue be stuck with their artist’s block?

Synopsis for A Marble’s Muse

You might be wondering, “Why are you making a game about marbles?” Trust me, I’ve gotten this question maybe two or three times. Well, why not? I don’t think a game needs a reason to exist. I came up with the concept for this game in September of 2020 when I was really into Jelle’s Marble Runs, a YouTube channel that makes videos about marble sports and marble racing videos. The videos are quite entertaining, so I highly recommend that you check it out! Anyway, I said, “Hey, why not make a game about marbles?” So I did! The game is comedic, featuring a mafia called the Scarred Candies and a ninja named Nimble Moon (who is one of the five romance interests), but also sweet and serious at times.

2. Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Demo: (Windows, Mac, and Linux on

Your dream was to always become a professional wrestler. But after a bad leg injury that has hindered your mobility, you’ve decided to do the next best thing: become a creative writer for Next Generation Wrestling (NGW), a Liverpool wrestling promotion! You were excited to rocket wrestlers to the moon, making them become legends in the industry. However, your boss, Ronnie, has possibly ruined any chance of that happening. Despite having a full team of certified writers, he takes control and tells them to write what he thinks is good. The fans are tuning out and the internet, to put it mildly,  hates your product. The luchador Zorro isn’t getting over with the audience. everyone despises Slip, whose entire gimmick (character) revolves around loving bananas to the point that’s all he ever talks about!

One day, the newest NGW title belt starts talking to you. He encourages you to change things and take control of the title feud between Zorro and Slip. Will you be able to turn things around and maybe find love along the way in the wacky world that’s known as professional wrestling?

Synopsis for Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome

Once again, this idea came along out of the blue. I was streaming 428: Shibuya Scramble and talking with the amazing Katy133 about if we made a wrestling visual novel. BOOM! Here it is! As someone who is a big professional wrestling fan, this is like a dream come true for me. However, I knew that it would be tricky trying to make a story like this when I know a lot of visual novel fans might not be familiar with wrestling. That’s why Katy and I came up with the codex/glossary system.

The codex will explain any British or wrestling term that comes up during the game’s story. It’s a neat tool that got complimented by many players, so I’m happy we implemented it into the game! The game also features a character creator and four romance interests (3 male, one of whom is a talking wrestling belt, and 1 female)!

Kristi Jimenez