Visual Novels With Magnificent Soundtracks

These visual novels have fabulous soundtracks!

There are so many visual novels out there with amazing music. This article will highlight a few games that have superb and original soundtracks.

Melting of the Winter Gears

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (

Price: Free

Melting of the Winter Gears is a magical tale about a glass doll, a cat, a drifter, and a soldier, all of whom have something missing in their lives. This visual novel is about three hours in length and is mostly kinetic with one ending.

The soundtrack for Melting of the Winter Gears is composed by Orpheo Fenn and is beautifully orchestrated. Launching the game immediately takes you to a nicely animated start screen menu with a rotating cog and a silhouette of a girl. Visually, it has a winter vibe, and the music perfectly accentuates this ambiance. The soundtrack is full of instrumental melodies, and music is actually engraved into the theme of the story, since the doll plays her music box in exchange for coin.

Overall, the music pieces in this visual novel flow together nicely and create a cozy winter ambiance. My absolute favorite song is “Sunlight in the Snow” with guitar by Angela Brancheck. The intro begins with acoustic guitar strings combined with the bright harmony of a violin, and it’s a sound that instantly blew me away. A beautiful sound quite befitting of a beautiful game.

Find Love or Die Trying

Platforms: Windows, Mac (Steam) (

Price: Free

The game starts with the MC waking up in the middle of a reality TV show called Find Love or Die Trying. You are the nameable “suitor” with selectable pronouns, and you will be living with five women. At the end of the show, you have to propose to the woman you deem worthy of being your soulmate. If she doesn’t accept, well, something very unfortunate may become of you.

This game has the kind of original soundtrack that’ll knock your socks off. The music scores are fun, some with a hint of an old-school jazz vibe. Another track is modern and suspenseful, taking a sudden turn the second you dive into the dark side of the plot. It’s a lively soundtrack, perfect for a comedy game. My favorite song is the trumpet song that plays when you start the game. The scene is still and black as the 1920s jazz track starts. It’s mischievous and grand, and I think it gives the game so much character from the get-go.

Not only is the music great, but the sound effects are crisp and well-timed throughout the game so that there’s never a dull moment. This is a shining example of a sound novel. Overall, if a Hunger Games meets The Bachelor visual novel piques your interest, then I think you’re in for a treat.