What Your Favorite Visual Novel Genre Says About You

Here is your personality based on your favorite visual novel genre!

Your favorite visual novel genre might say a thing or two about your personality. Find yours below and see if you can relate to it!

Slice of Life

Someone Stole MY LUNCH! by Studio Clump

If you’re an advocate for the slice-of-life visual novel, then you’re the kind of person who likes to play it safe and coast through life. You aren’t a fan of surprises, sudden change, or anything that might rock the boat. This smooth-sailing approach to life is actually a good thing; people find you to be a very reliable and trustworthy person. You’re also someone who has a good sense of humor, which makes your friends appreciate your company. Although it might just seem like another day to you when you play a visual novel with an ordinary story, you’re actually appreciating the little things in life.


Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness by Yangyang Mobile

If your favorite VN genre is romance, then you’re definitely a romantic individual. You have a set of favorite tropes, and they’re probably cheesy, but somehow they never fail to stir your emotions. You might find yourself feeling a little sad when you finish a visual novel and often daydream about the characters in them. What does their happily ever after look like beyond the last chapter? You need to know, because you connect with the characters in these games and are really good at self-inserting, especially if the protagonist is very relatable.


Made Marion by Velvet Cupcake Games

There are different subgenres of fantasy: if you love medieval or historical fantasy of some kind, you also might often find yourself feeling like you were born in the wrong era; if modern fantasy that leans into the supernatural appeals to you the most, then you’re the kind of person who thrives with excitement and change. Either way, you’re probably a highly imaginative person with a lot of creative ideas of your own that you’ve drawn, created scripts for, or imagined in some way. People might say you daydream a lot, but that’s only because your mind is always thinking up your next creative project to do or visual novel to read.


Kansei by sakevisual

If you like mystery visual novels, then—whether you realize it or not—you like to be be a sleuth. You like puzzles and problem solving, and you could very likely have an interest in being a detective in real life. Figuring out who the culprit is a challenge you’ll gladly accept, and visual novels are a great way to exercise that skill. You confront situations head on and are suspicious of anyone and everyone, because you know that even the sweet elderly lady at the bakery could easily be the jewel thief in disguise. Nothing gets past you in real life, and that’s partially because you play so many mystery visual novels that unraveling a mystery has become second nature to you.


Iris by teamSclera

If sci-fi is your favorite genre, then you often find yourself wishing you were born in the future, in a society with flying cars and holographic butlers. The modern day is a little boring to you, but at least there’s smartphones and computers for visual novel–playing activities, right? Visual novels with mechas, humanoid robots, advanced technology, and even intergalactic travel are all things that interest you. There are many times that you’ve daydreamed about living in another galaxy, on another planet, or on a rogue ship drifting aimlessly through space in an effort to hide from galactic warfare. Any of that sounds better than our modern day.


Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch.1 Onikakushi by 07th Expansion

If you’re a horror junkie, then that means you’re always on the hunt for your next thrill in life. When it comes to visual novels, you might love jump scares, body horror, psychological horror, paranormal horror, the list goes on. The reason you like it is because you’re actually pretty tough in reality, so you need a really good visual novel to evoke a bone-chilling fear out of you; there’s something really exciting about that. It’s a feeling comparable to getting strapped into a roller coaster and slowly climbing up to that top peak.