Visual Novels With Cozy Vibes

Check out these visual novels with comfy and cozy vibes!

Have you ever just wanted to play something cute and comfy? Sometimes a huge, sprawling fantasy tale can be a bit overwhelming. Instead, on particularly gloomy or melancholic days, I find myself drawn to sweet, warm moments that can brighten my mood. These are some games that have a particularly comfy and cozy vibe! 

Our Life: Now & Forever

Our Life: Now & Forever is a highly anticipated game currently in development by GB Patch Games. After your mother gets a new job, your life is uprooted and you move to a small mountain town. There you meet your two new neighbors, Tamarack and Qiu. In this game you’re able to create your character, being able to choose your pronouns (even add your own if you need to), the way you look, and how your mother looks! This game is highly customizable, including features such as choosing how the textbox appears on the screen, if animations show up or not, and what font is displayed. The art, including the UI screens, backgrounds and sprites, has a comfy and cozy feeling with warm tones. The music is also quite beautiful, which ties the experience up nicely.

Our Life: Now & Forever is the second game in the Our Life series. Now & Forever follows the same structure of its predecessor, Our Life: Beginnings & Always. You start as a child and get to play through the story as you age up to an adult. The demo itself has 25,000 words and a lot of the customizable features available, so you’ll be able to get a good feel of the game while you wait for the full release! 

Sleepy Tales: A Bedtime Story

Sleepy Tales: A Bedtime Story is a short and sweet browser-based visual novel developed by Chride Lassheikki. Though the game can be finished in roughly five minutes or less, the experience is quite enchanting. You play as someone who wants to tell their younger sister a bedtime story, and you can choose how you’re going to tell the story to her. What I like most about the game is the wholesome and cozy story being told. While you may be literally telling a story, the real narrative strength is the connection and bond between two people. The story is relatable and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The music is also particularly soothing!

Froggy Pot 

Froggy Pot by Cantusmori is another short free visual novel; you can finish this one in about ten minutes or so. You stumble upon a little froggy relaxing in a boiling pot of water. Your job is to coax them out of their warm bath before they get burned. The visuals are quite stunning, and I especially love the animations, which are are subtle but make the story feel dynamic. This story touches upon a few relatable struggles that the froggy faces—sometimes we all just want to hide away from our problems for a bit. These topics are handled in a beautifully calming way. You’ll leave the game feeling comforted. 

I highly recommend this game not just for the message it presents but also the gorgeous art and serene ambiance it provides. 

Is there another cozy game that you love to curl up with? Let us know in the comments below!

Anna Mirabella