Visual Novels Released in March 2022

These nine visual novels were released last month!

March was an eventful month when it comes to visual novel releases and localizations. Here are nine titles that were released last month!

Seventh Lair

Platforms: Windows, Mac (Steam, MangaGamer)

Price: US $7.95


Seventh Lair is a short visual novel featuring some cast members of The House in Fata Morgana. It exists in a parallel universe to the original game, so can be enjoyed even by those unfamiliar with it.


Seventh Lair has been released in English, French, and Chinese as of March 31, 2022. This visual novel is brought to you by the developers of the The House of Fata Morgana, and if that isn’t enough to reel you in, then the story of Seventh Lair should be. It’s a game revolving around an indie game developer and his latest release that devours him and his fans, translocating them into the RPG world.

Night Cascades

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam) (

Price: US $10


The city is on fire, and the Devil is to blame – or is it? Two women must solve an occult-themed mystery set in an alternate 1980s while unraveling the secrets of their past. Hunt for clues and interrogate suspects in this interactive yuri visual novel.

Hanako Games

Night Cascades has a lot to offer at first glance, from phenomenal artwork to a compelling story; this title has me eager to dive into it. The female partner that Diane is assigned to work with is out of this world in both character and art design. Night Cascades is developed by the renowned Hanako Games, creator of titles such as Long Live the Queen and The Confines of the Crown.

Deliver Us From Evil – Cadenza (DLC)

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam) (

Price: US $6.99


If Michael and Ace weren’t enough, Deliver Us From Evil: Cadenza a DLC expansion pack includes the man you wanted to date but couldn’t – the elusive and striking Lord Keldran. His route comes as a polygamous romance option with bad boy, Ace. Develop your relationship and capture the hearts of two hot men through a whirlwind of passion and mystery.

Galen Games

Deliver Us From Evil was released for the 2021 Otome Jam, and featured routes for both Michael and Ace, leaving players yearning for Keldran’s route. It’s no surprise, considering Keldran’s character is alluring in more ways than one. The best part about this DLC is that it’s a polyamorous route with Ace, my favorite bad boy love interest.

Homunculus Hotel

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam) (

Price: US $4.99


Explore the dreams of the Homunculus Hotel’s guests in order to understand yourself.

Team SolEtude

Homunculus Hotel is a profoundly introspective story which contemplates real-life subjects. Team SolEtude has created a wonderful title that narrows in on the concept of human acceptance. The art style is similar to the creator’s other works, which are sketched and dream-like in appearance with hard line work and soft watercolors.

Mixed Feelings: While You Were Away

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (Steam) (

Price: US $4.99


Gale and Arthur are in a long-distance relationship, but Gale found himself feeling lonely without his partner. When he applies to work at a cafe, he meets his charismatic co-worker, Brycen. Brycen is so different from Arthur, yet he finds himself falling for him. Will he choose his new or old love?


Mixed Feelings is a safe-for-work boys’ love romance game brought to you by ChaniMK. What I love about this title is the sweet slice-of-life atmosphere with layers of drama and real life issues. The MC is torn between two loves, an emotional struggle that pulls on your heartstrings. I love romantic dramas and am curious to know how this story unfolds.

Dead Man’s Rest

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (Steam) (

Price: US $11.99


A Wild West BxB story of love, murder, and revenge. Play as Lee “Blackjack” McCarthy on his hunt for the elusive Wild Bill—until a mysterious killing shatters all his plans.

Gallium Games

The popular game publisher Argent Games brings yet another enticing title, now out of early access. Dead Man’s Rest follows the adventurous life of a bounty hunter in the Wild West. I am a sucker for romance stories, especially if they have a solid foundation of action and adventure. With a synopsis as intriguing as this one, Dead Man’s Rest is a must-play.

A List of People Who Went Missing in the Scheleirland National Forest

Platforms: Windows, Mac (Steam) (

Price: US $5.99


A horror visual novel. This is the story of a woman who tried to avoid a terrible fate.


The first clue that this game is going to be worth playing is the fact that it has about 2,500 scenes drawn entirely by hand. The amount of work that went into designing this game is commendable, and is more than a strong indicator that this game is visually descriptive. For a horror game, that counts for something. The grayscale style choice is a factor that intensifies psychological unease.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser (

Price: Free


Short, flash-fiction style poetic visual novel about a safe haven in the midst of a dark forest.


This is another introspective title which focuses on the meaning of human existence. eden. is a beautiful game with a story that will make you stop and think about life and death. Reading this visual novel is comparable to the experience of reading a poem that takes you on a very powerful emotional journey.

All the Words She Wrote

Platforms: Windows, Linux (Steam)

Price: US $12.99


A sweet, slow burn yuri romance story about a grumpy, socially awkward writer and her cheery, happy-go-lucky fan set in the Japanese countryside.


All the Words She Wrote is a kinetic visual novel that released on March 8th and was created by the much-acclaimed ebi-hime. The plot for this visual novel is both relatable and adorable, as it follows the MC and her obsession with a fictional character, Princess Luluna. The MC’s obsession is challenged when she meets the author of her favorite series.