Visual Novel Characters I Would Be Friends With IRL

Have you ever wanted to befriend characters from your favorite visual novels? Here are five characters I would want to be friends with!

When I’m playing a visual novel, I like to feel fully immersed. The way characters are written can really help in this endeavor, especially if they feel like people you’d be actual friends with. Today we’re going to take a look at some characters that I’d totally love to grab a pizza and soda with after work! 

Iris from Arcade Spirits by Fiction Factory Games

Arcade Spirits is a visual novel that’s all about making friendships. You play as a person who’s down on their luck, but the help of your brand new AI assistant, Iris, you find yourself with a new job at your town’s local arcade, the Funplex! 

Iris is an AI, more advanced than any we have on the market. Though she only exists in an app, there is an element of sentience to Iris. She has feelings, and it seems as if she genuinely cares about the main character. Though it’s her job to give the player character advice and schedule appointments, there’s more of a personal touch from Iris. Since she’s there all the time, watching you live your life, Iris gets a better understanding of who you are than others may have the chance to.

Does it really matter if she’s virtual? I’d love to have someone like Iris by my side, commenting on my life’s moments, offering me advice, and of course, giving me pizza facts! 

Reggie from Hearts and Hexes by Ostrich Burger Productions

Hearts and Hexes is another tale about making friends. Sabrina is going to a Halloween party for the first time in her life; she’s nervous and doesn’t know what to expect or how to act. But she’s willing to try it all anyway. Eventually she stumbles into a bathroom and meets a man laying in a bathtub wearing a leather jacket and jeans. This man, Reggie, offers a smile and some advice to Sabrina. He acts as a lifeline from then on when Sabrina visits him for reassurance and confidence.

Reggie is a very caring and concerned individual. Despite having his own problems and anxieties to deal with that night, he puts Sabrina first so she can have a great experience. That sounds like an awesome friend to me! If you get through his whole route, you’ll see what fun you can get into with Reggie in his post-party epilogue. 

Scarecrow from BUSTAFELLOWS by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Extend

In BUSTAFELLOWS, you play as a news reporter trying to make it big in her field. She wants to pursue justice and make a difference in the world. However, she seems to always run into some unfortunate hiccups that make things difficult. As the story progresses, she befriends a group of men who are involved in some shady dealings… all in the name of the greater good! One of these such companions is Scarecrow, the self-proclaimed boss of the underground. Though there are five handsome guys to choose from, I’m drawn to Scarecrow in the friend department because of his personality. 

Scarecrow, despite being an illustrious hacker, can be a bit nervous and stumble on his words. He’ll often be the center of some comedic dialogues because of this. It’s hilarious to think that someone with so much power, influence, and money is actually a young man sitting behind a computer and getting nervous around the player character.  Scarecrow is absolutely adorable, so it’s hard not to be drawn to him. He also owns a huge mansion and loves to game. I can just imagine spending my days curled up on the couch next to him, kicking butt in some co-op games and laughing together!  

Haron from Ebon Light by Underbliss

What happens when you accidentally ingest an ancient elven power? As it manifests inside of you, you have no choice but to go along to an elven island and uncover the mysteries surrounding your newfound abilities. Along the way, you’ll meet characters who don’t seem to take a liking to you, or others who may want to try and use you for the power you hold within yourself. 

In a world where you always have to look over your shoulder, Haron Milirose is a light shining in the dark. He may come across as a smooth talker, but the man truly cares about the player character. Whether you choose to romance him or not, Haron always shows an interest in the player beyond the power that she has. As treacherous and dire things happen, he never gives up on the player. 

It’s this devotion and attentiveness that I think makes Haron an amazing friend. He’ll go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and accepted. Not only that, he’s funny and a lot of his scenes bring a smile to your face, which is nice considering the dark circumstances. Who wouldn’t want someone like him to support them in their own struggles? 

Arabella from Snips & Snails (R18) by Lacydigital

Snips & Snails follows a college student as she navigates her friendship with an arcane family. Apart from the obvious supernatural elements, this story is very much a slice-of-life tale. It’s very relatable in the fact that the MC is working, juggling her schoolwork, and also making friends. Luckily for us, the player character already has a helpful best friend who makes things a lot easier (and also way more fun). 

Arabella is a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, and sassy friend. She says what’s on her mind almost all the time. She’ll tease the player, make jokes about her friends’ love lives, and also try to play matchmaker. Arabella is also a great support system who will always know just the right thing to say. So, with all of these great qualities, it’s a no-brainer that I’d want to be her friend!

Who are some VN characters that you would be friends with? Let us know in the comments below!

Anna Mirabella