Top 5 Cutest Yuri Couples

These are my top 5 visual novel yuri couples!

It’s time to do a cute yuri couple round-up! Each of these girl duos make an adorable pair, and here’s why.

5. Erin & Ori

Erin and Ori from It’s A Promise are an undeniably cute couple. At first glance, the sprite designs for each of their characters are fairly unique, with each girl having a very stylish hairstyle. Erin and Ori make a cute couple visually, and under the surface, the two are a match made in heaven. I love stories with couples that have one lover with a rough exterior and the other with a bubbly and smiley personality.

My favorite thing about Erin and Ori is that they both look up to each other and appreciate each other’s differences. While I normally am an advocate for slow-burn romances, I love that these girls get along right away. Despite being strikingly different from one another, these two connect instantly.

4. Qingwei & Zihua

Melancholy Love was the first visual novel I encountered with full Mandarin voice acting, and there’s something about this that made my playthrough feel more romantic. Another unique aspect of this game is the level of passion written into these characters. For much of the game I felt like I was reading a poem, and while there are a few different characters and couples in this game, Qinwei and Zihua stood out to me.

Qinwei and Zihua have a history together, and about ten years pass before they are reunited. Longtime lovers/friends finding their way back to each other really tugs at the heartstrings. If you haven’t played Melancholy Love, I highly recommend doing so, because it’s a beautiful game.

3. Marion & Audrey

My favorite romance trope of all time is enemies to lovers. There’s something so satisfying about two characters having an uneasy start, only to eventually realize that they are soulmates. Marion and Audrey from Perfect Gold are more like lovers to enemies to lovers, which is even more of a rollercoaster. These two have a hard time expressing their feelings to each other, but that’s what makes the story interesting and sets it into action, since they find themselves in detention because of it.

Marion and Audrey are two very well-defined characters from the get-go. They each have their own backstories and it’s clear early on that this contributes to their differences and separation. Overall, their journey in finding happiness is really sweet and rewarding.

2. Mayo & Hijiri

It’s no secret that ebi-hime is constantly conjuring up the cutest couples. There seems to be no shortage of cute characters in this developer’s box, and all of that stands true when it comes to Mayo and Hijiri. These two are from All the Words She Wrote, which was released in March 2022. Mayo is obsessed with a fictional character, Princess Leluna, from a light novel series. She meets her beloved series’ author, Hijiri, and to her surprise, the author is nothing like the princess Mayo adores.

The slow-burn buildup and the unique and comedic dynamic between these two lovebirds is what earns their spot as number two on this list. Aside from the chemical connection these two inherently share, I am in love with their character designs. Like many of ebi-hime’s other visual novels, the sprites here are bright, polished, and all-around adorable.

1. Amber & Marina

Amber and Marina from Highway Blossoms take the lead as my favorite yuri couple right now. These two are essentially forced into action together because Marina’s car breaks down and Amber kindly decides to help her out. It’s a common occurrence in romance narratives for characters to be forced into a situation together. One event leads to another, and soon the two are on a road trip together in search of buried treasure.

They don’t hit it off right away, but the interest is there from early on. Soft moments of romance are sprinkled in here and there until, eventually, the two become closer. Slow-burn romance always seems to hit the sweet spot for me because that slow build-up is a means to a satisfying end. What I love about these two is that they are polar opposites, but they fit together like two peas in a pod. Amber’s hard exterior in contrast to Marina’s saint-like demeanor makes for a perfect match.