Top 10 RPG Maker Visual Novels

These are 10 indie RPG Maker games worthy of the spotlight!

Welcome to another top 10 visual novel list! This article showcases ten RPG Maker visual novels, all of which are developed by indie creators. Some of these games are still in development, but the demos are wonderful experiences themselves.

10. Hollow Ruins

Platforms: Windows, Mac (


Harold is a young mercenary hired onto a mysterious escort mission by some eccentric scholars.

Despair Party Works

The design and layout of this game takes me back to games from my childhood like The Legend of Zelda, since the protagonist looks like Link. It also reminds me of an MMORPG I was obsessed with called Wonderland Online. As soon as you launch the game, you’re welcomed with sound effects and authentic dialogue that reels you right in. The rest of this game transports me to the fantasy world with its dazzling maps, bright music, and imaginative story.

9. Fading Remnants

Platforms: Windows (


The earth has changed these past few years. Humanity is a lonely shell of what it once was, and the world is a very different place. In the face of such hardship, how does one cope with loss, and how far would you go for family?

Lazy Bum Studio

Although this game is just a prototype at the moment, its unique story and bright art style immediately grabbed my attention. This game has an apocalyptic storyline as well, which is a genre I’m a big fan of. It does a good job of setting up the atmosphere for a post-apocalyptic earth. It’s certainly something that you can be immersed in right away as far as story and art, which is why it’s more than worthy of a spot on this list.

8. Symbiosis

Platforms: Windows (


Deep within the forest there is a grove
where the tree branches grasp and claw at your neck,
and the air is a thick miasma choking the very life out of you.
In the center of the grove lies the Witch’s House: arrogant, mighty, and wretched.


Symbiosis is a thrilling and suspenseful game as soon as you launch. After a very ominous prologue, the next scene is packed with fear as a traveler looks for a place to hide from the Witch. My favorite part of this game is getting to play the “villain” character—the Witch, in this case. Mint, her son, is absolutely adorable and is such a lovable character.

7. Astrid & The Witch

Platforms: Windows, Browser (


After Astrid gets sent into a different dimension by her secretly-a-thousand-year-old-skeleton neighbor, she has to find her way back home while encountering strange creatures and sort-of-human people along the way.


The originality this game has to offer is nothing short of amazing. It’s safe to say that I’ve never seen anything like it. The illustrations are stunning, and the gameplay is unique and has a lot to offer as far as crafting spells, turn-based combat, and more. My favorite part is that the main character is a grandma, a type of protagonist you don’t often get to play in games.

6. Apparition

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser (


Apparition is the story of Heather and Eden: a displaced young adult taking refuge in an abandoned house, and the ghost of its’ previous occupant.  When their otherworldly bond is threatened, Heather must find a way to summon the love of her life from the beyond.


I really love the art style the world in this game has. I love the pixel art that most RPG Maker games have, but Apparition has more of a 3D look to the objects in the environment and it gives the game its own personality. Another significant element of this game is the inclusion of an F/F romance.

5. Kiki & Ana – The Child

Platforms: Windows (


The Child is an RPG Maker horror game about a babysitter hired to watch over an unusual child. This game offers about an hour of playtime and multiple endings.

The story itself is very compelling and mysterious. There’s something odd and frightening about the child in this game, and Kiki the babysitter is unfortunately left to discover what exactly that is. This game has only about thirty minutes to an hour of playtime, but even in such a short span of time, this game is able to evoke fear and thrill because of how well done it is.

4. Silver Thread

Platforms: Browser (


An exorcist that doubts the existence of ghost might sound contradictory but to Alicia Wilkershire, this is the right way to get closer to the truth. Her latest job sounded like another run-of-the-mill case and she greeted her client with her usual pessimism but is it, really?


I loved the premise of this game right off the bat. This game puts paranormal entities into question, something that we as humans are curious about the answer to. Are ghosts real? The main character doesn’t seem to think so. The game tackles this narrative with a very nice flow of dialogue and events, and that’s what makes Silver Thread a 10/10.

3. Dante and the Flower of Life

Platforms: Windows, Linux (


Your role is that of an Immortal named Dante, whose been living peacefully in the Heavenly Realm for centuries, when suddenly the Flower of Life, the artifact that is safe guarding the full existence of the Human Realm, disappears…

The Artchemist

This is probably one of the most beautifully designed games I have ever seen, at least as far as RPG Maker games. Every scene looks like something out of a storybook, and I really value that kind of artistic design. I love fantasy, and it’s even more enjoyable when the artwork really transports me to that world. While this game is still in development, I believe that it is an amazing project. The story, art, and gameplay are all very well crafted.

2. Stand By Me

Platforms: Windows, Mac (


After a deadly accident, you wake up in the unfamiliar land of Desideria, assuming the equally unfamiliar identity of Ciel Rozenbleu – a sorceress in the royal military.

fish☆attic games

I’ve mentioned this game before in one of my articles, and even though this game is still in development, it’s apparent to me that this otome RPG is a gem in the making. First of all, otome and RPG are two words that I like to see together, especially when the portraits look as sparkling and crisp as these do. Plus, this game speaks to the younger version of myself: the little girl that fell in love with anime and video games. Now that I’m a twenty-something, this game appeals to me because the cast is in their twenties to thirties.

1. Doll Eye

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (


Tomorrow is the anniversary of your son’s death, but you can’t let that distract you from your everyday life.
Your daughter has just sent you a message asking if you could go pick her up near that one shark dude’s bar; worry not! Your best friend can keep you some company… Wait, who the hell is that?


What really makes this game pop at first glance is the unique art style that’s reminiscent of something you’d watch on Cartoon Network. This psychological horror is very surreal and nightmarish in its overall art design and story structure. Doll Eye is an incredible game in every possible way, and the level of attention to detail really helps move along the narrative. Every scene had me hooked and on the edge of my seat for what was going to happen next. This game is very dark in nature, but somehow manages to be wholesome with a slice-of-life feel at the same time—but don’t let that fool you.