Spooktober Visual Novel Jam 2022 Winners!

Here are the winners for Spooktober Jam 2022!

Spooktober Jam 2022 has come to an end! As one of the judges for this year, I wanted to preface this article by saying that I had blast playing through the various submissions this year. As cliché as that sounds, I truly mean that! Everyone who managed to submit something for this jam should be proud of what they’ve accomplished, especially within a month. So even if you don’t win an award, please remember one thing: don’t feel discouraged. Your value as a developer, composer, writer, artist, voice actor, etc, doesn’t ride on awards.

Now, with that being said, I’m sure you all are eager to know who the winners are for this year. So, let’s talk about them, shall we?

Submission Based Winners

Third Place Winner: All That (Probably) Glitters by MintGlow

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (itch.io)

Genre: Adventure

Content Warnings: Death (not graphic or descriptive, Screen shakes and sudden movements (some movements can be disabled in the settings), Sound of bones breaking, Strong language

The third place winner is MintGlow for their entry All That (Probably) Glitters! In this adorable, fun game, you play as Kyandi, a self-described “Robin Hood” who is attempting to steal treasure from a lavish Halloween party. However, as they’re trying to leave with the stolen goods, they end up bumping into a couple of individuals who are going to change their life forever. How will Kyandi’s night go? Will they be able to make it out alive and maybe make some new friends along the way? Or will they perhaps die a tragic death?

Second Place Winner: Elevator Hitch by RachelDrawsThis, Ekrix, with music by BellKalengar

Platforms: Windows, Mac (itch.io)

Genre(s): Escape Room, Horror, Point and Click, Psychological Horror

Content Warnings: Blood, Body Horror, Disturbing imagery and audio, Eyestrain and flashing/shaking images, Gore, Graphic death, Violence,

Spooktober Jam 2022’s second place winner is the horror escape room game Elevator Hitch developed by RachelDrawsThis, Ektrix, and BellKalengar, who composed the game’s soundtrack!

In this game, you play an unnamed protagonist who gets trapped in an elevator with a coworker. The game has the player exploring different floors to find items that are used to solve different puzzles that will help aid them in escaping the hellscape they’re in. The game has 15 endings and most of those are bad endings. Those who love horror, comedy, or VN horror RPGMaker titles will love Elevator Hitch!

First Place Winner: Our Fantastic Wonderland by Carrot Patch Games

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (itch.io)

Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Romance

Content Warnings: Adult language, Adult Humor, Jokes and Innuendos, Brief Instances of Vomiting Character Death (Brief, described in the narration), Fantasy Violence and Blood, Screen Shake and Bright/Flashing Lights

Taking home the first place prize is Our Fantastic Wonderland developed by Carrot Patch Games! In this fun-filled game, the cast from Our Wonderland plays a DnD campaign where they must return the Jewel of Happiness to the Sacred Altar to restore happiness to the world. Will Ignatius and his team succeed at their mission?

Congratulations to our three big winners! However, that isn’t all! There are a ton of more awards to be given out.

Itch.io Favorite (Received most voted from the public): Melissa by CatTrigger

Best Thumbnail: Yokai Detective Kou by SecretMapper

Best Monster/Costume: Frog from The Cryptic Caper by Skelefun Collective

Creator Based Awards

Best Cinematography: Our Fantastic Wonderland

Best Voice Actor/Actress: Rachel Schumacher as The Witch in Vivica’s Heart by Cerise Makes

Best Original Music: Parasite in Love, music composed by Amidst

Honorable Mentions/Shortlist

Kristi Jimenez