More Visual Novels for Summer Vibes

Check out these themed visual novels that will help you get in the mood for summertime!

We’re already midway through June and it’s starting to feel more and more like summer with each day that passes us by. With the school year winding down or over for most, and the sun shining brightly outside, it’s time to start getting into the summer mood! What better way to enjoy summer vibes than with a few summer-themed visual novels?

Camp-Themed Games

Can we really have a summer list without mentioning the classic summer camp story? These visual novels usually only cover a few weeks during the main character’s summer break, but honestly, that’s plenty of time to make lasting relationships with your campmates!

Camp Palut

Coming later this week from Bearly Playing Games, this girls’ love visual novel was fully funded on Kickstarter. Play as Jess, a girl from the city who is experiencing her first ever summer camp. Along the way, she’ll meet four unique and diverse love interests that she’ll be able to spend more time with. But romance isn’t the only thing Camp Palut has going for it: the developer boasts this experience as a “spooky-cute sapphic visual novel with magic, mystery, and a glimpse of the supernatural.” Uncover the secrets of the camp and why mysterious things are happening there. And who knows, you may even bump into Bigfoot or something else entirely! Feel free to check out our review of the demo for more information.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Monster Camp is a 1-4 player comedy dating game by Beautiful Glitch. It’s the sequel to the popular dating sim Monster Prom. Choose your monstrous player character, their name, their pronouns, and what items they bring with them to camp. You’ll need to be aware of the stats you’re raising, the places you go, and the dialogue options you choose in order to woo your monster of choice. Hopefully, by the end of the game, they’ll want to watch the meteor shower with you when you ask them. Just be sure to grab a friend or three before diving into this game for a completely unique and hilarious experience! No two playthroughs will be the same. 

Ocean-Themed Games

Nothing screams summer more than days spent on the beach or in the pool. These ocean-themed games will give you light, free-spirited vibes as you prepare for the summer! 

The Spanish Privateer

In development by SinSisters Studios, The Spanish Privateer has you play as Isabel Carlota de Castilla as she makes a work arrangement on the ship La Aguja. Her main goal is to escape an arranged marriage forced onto her by her parents; however, she may find true love aboard Captain Rico’s ship. Follow Isabel as she discovers the world outside of Spain and more about her fellow crewmates. While this otome game is currently only available to play as a demo, there is a lot of content to enjoy (and look forward to)! For more information, check out our review of the demo.

Whale’s Waldo

Whale’s Waldo by Marine Dateologists is a parody dating game. In this short visual novel released for NaNoRenO 2018, you’re on a journey to find your childhood friend Waldo. Where has he gone? On your quest to find the sperm whale, you’ll visit various places and meet a bunch of unique sea animals. Will you fall in love along the way? With cute designs and a hilarious premise, this game has a lot to offer despite being made in only a month! This game is sure to help you get in the summer mood as you vacation around the world! 

Slice of Life–Themed Games

These slice-of-life games are fun, lighthearted, and full of happy feels—they encompass the true spirit of summer!

Our Life: Beginnings & Always

In Our Life: Beginnings & Always, you choose the way your character looks, their name, their pronouns, how they feel about their childhood best friend Cove, and even more. This game is highly customizable and the story adapts to how you choose to play. I’m adding Our Life: Beginnings & Always to the list of games with summer vibes because Sunset Bird, the setting of the game, is a summer town. It’s bustling in the warmer months; however, the tourist destination becomes quiet when school starts back up. Most of Our Life: Beginnings & Always takes place in the summer months of the player’s life as they’re vacationing from school. However, what’s interesting about this game is that the player gets to see their character age up from a child all the way up to an adult. If you’re interested in meeting (and falling in love) with Cove Holden, a certified water lover himself, this is one of the perfect summer games to check out! We also have a review of this game available.

Starlight Shores 

Starlight Shores is a short boy x girl visual novel by Delphinium Interactive. When you win a vacation at a seaside retreat, you decide to invite a few friends along. Reconnecting with your childhood friend Theo is nice, but what happens when your friend Alec brings an uninvited guest and an unfamiliar blue-haired girl shows up? There is a lot of drama to be had amongst the five friends, despite the story only encompassing a short weekend. With breathtaking backgrounds and an island getaway, this story is perfect for enjoying summer vibes! Our review of the game is here.

What are your favorite summer-themed visual novels? Let us know in the comments below. Happy gaming! 

Anna Mirabella