Monthly Patreon Dev Log: October 2022

Learn what some of our Patreon supporters are working on!

Hello everyone! If you aren’t aware, we’ve started a Patreon to help pay for the site’s costs. Since its launch in September, we have gained a lot of support from developers and community members in the visual novel scene. One of our perks for our $50 and $100 tiers is the ability to be included in a monthly dev log post. Those who are subscribed to us at either tier will be able to talk about whatever they’re working on, let that be a game, a game jam they’re hosting in the future, or something that will benefit the community.

So, without further ado, here are what some of our Patreon supporters are working on right now!

Arimia (Crystal Game Works)

Canvas Menagerie

Genre(s): Romance, Slice of Life, MxM (Male Loving Male)

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux (, demo made for Trans Representation Jam available now!)

Canvas Menagerie is a slice of life romance VN about a transmasc actor getting the lead role in a major TV show and follows him and the cast going through their mid-20s together—including his crush, his celebrity costar who plays the rival. A demo is out now on with an extended demo coming out by the end of October.

If you would like to keep up-to-date on Canvas Menagerie‘s development, follow Arimia and her studio, Crystal Game Works, on Twitter!

Miracle Moon

Decide 4 God (Third game in the Abime series)

Genre(s): Psychological horror, mystery, thriller

Platform: PC (Steam)

Synopsis: “The final entry of the Abime Series. Six intruders and six captives share a high-tech prison where their moral dilemmas may lead them to a fate worse than death. Can they overcome the wiles of Empathy Systems? What dark secrets lurk behind that institution? When does knowledge become a curse?”

Work on the Patreon-exclusive Decide 4 God demo is finishing up in October, and in addition:

1) All segments have had their presentation overhauled to zoom in and center on characters when talking, enhancing the dynamism in the conversations with them.

2) All items have been drawn and finalized for every interactive segment!

3) Character blips have been finalized as well.

4) 30% of the interactive segments now have proper code.

Progress on the writing had slowed down but with a new BG artist on board, things will soon substantially speed up. Another delay for the game might still be on the horizon, however.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on Miracle Moon’s games as well as the development of Decide 4 God, you can follow them on Twitter here!


Winter VN Jam 2022

The annual Winter VN Jam is a chill game jam in December cohosted by Arimia from Crystal Game Works and Maricu and focusing on winter-themed visual novels, regardless of how you interpret that. It’s a non-competitive jam and participants can finish a previously started on a game or create a new one. Check the Devtalk server for help recruiting team members or sharing your progress!

Nai is the community manager for DevTalk, a Discord server that helps connect visual novel professionals and hobbyists together to work on projects. The server also features community news, channels for feedback, and holds meet-ups for game jams like O2A2, Spooktober, and Winter Jam to name a few. If you would like to join DevTalk, you can do so by clicking here!

Kristi Jimenez