Monthly Patreon Dev Log: November 2022

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Hello everyone! It’s time for another edition of our Monthly Patreon Dev Log! If you don’t know what this is, those who support us for $50 or $100 a month on Patreon will be able to participate in this monthly series where they can write a short post about what they’re currently working on. If you didn’t check out last month’s edition, be sure to do so! With that being said, let’s get right into this month’s Patreon Dev Log!

Miracle Moon

Decide 4 God (Third game in the Abime series)

Decide 4 God

Genre(s): Psychological horror, mystery, thriller

Platform: PC (Steam)

Synopsis: “The final entry of the Abime Series. Six intruders and six captives share a high-tech prison where their moral dilemmas may lead them to a fate worse than death. Can they overcome the wiles of Empathy Systems? What dark secrets lurk behind that institution? When does knowledge become a curse?”

Here’s what Miracle Moon had to say for this month’s Patreon dev log!

The work on Decide 4 God continues. So far this month:

  • The writing of the entire first fifth of the game is complete.
  • 13 segments are done being put into the game, with another 13 being worked on.
  • More backgrounds have been finished for a future exploration segment.
  • Most of the CGs are finished now too! There are a lot.

The project ended up being much bigger than originally planned, and a delay is inevitable by now. Hopefully, before November ends, I can finish coding another exploration segment, which is proving to be a bigger one than anticipated too.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on Miracle Moon’s games as well as the development of Decide 4 God, you join their Discord server here! If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend checking out the other entries in the Abime series: Head AS Code and Birth ME Code, both of which can be purchased on either itch or Steam.

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Kristi Jimenez