Kickstarter Round-Up November 2022

The Novemeber Kickstarter Round-Up is here, let’s take a closer look at some of the VN campaigns.

This month we have a fantastic selection of visual novel Kickstarter campaigns, and today I’ll be taking a closer look at some of these games and what they have to offer.

Red Lilies

Kickstarter Page, Demo

Funding Goal: US $4,500

Ends on: December 12th

Red Lilies is a yuri horror visual novel about a murder in an isolated girls-only boarding school. The girls soon realize they are at the mercy of a ruthless and bloodthirsty vampire. Will they manage to escape?

Red Lilies is a story-driven visual novel inspired by gothic works such as Dracula and Carmilla…

Butterfly Latte

Red Lilies instantly gave me ebi-hime vibes with its cute artstyle and the Victorian-era setting where a horse and carriage and polonaise fashion are the norm. I was thrilled when I saw Red Lilies come to Kickstarter, because we always need more vampire-themed visual novels. While there is an urgent mystery at hand, there’s also romance to be pursued, making it a game that’s bound to give us a well-rounded experience. I’m curious to know who the vampire is and if it’s any of the girls the player can date.

The Red Lilies campaign offers digital rewards only, including special cameos for backers who pledge at higher tiers.

Siren’s Call

Kickstarter Page, Steam Page, Page

Funding Goal: US $8,200

Ends on: November 25th

The developer of Siren’s Call, which is currently completed and available for free on Steam and, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an expansion of the game. The game follows an interesting premise: the protagonist has committed murder, but no one around him seems to bat an eye at the fact. What’s unique about this game is that it sheds light on the umbrella of neurodivergent individuals, specifically what it is like to live with autism.

Siren’s Call: A Denpa visual novel where you escape from an actual tourist trap. 

Jacob Cumisky

Despite its bright design and slice-of-life appearance, Siren’s Call is a psychological horror story, so we can expect a similar atmosphere in the expanded version, “Prove You Aren’t Dead,” which will be the true ending. In other words, the Kickstarter campaign has been created in an effort to fund the final form of Siren’s Call.

The artwork in this game is up to par with the kind of art you’d see in an anime or a high-budget visual novel; it’s bright and well-polished. After all, Siren’s Call is made by a developer whose favorite visual novel is Higurashi, and the influence is visible and well done on all fronts, yet still holds a one-of-a-kind flair of its own.

Backers of the higher-level tiers will receive the fan pack, which includes a generous 30,000+ word spin-off of the story.

Yarn of Echoes

Kickstarter Page

Funding Goal: €12,000

Ends on: November 30th

Yarns of Echoes is a fantasy visual novel currently being developed in French, but the developers have plans for an English translation if the game is funded. The game reads like a book, and the players can choose from three protagonists. Yarns of Echoes takes place in a high fantasy setting where elves and huk’ans are commonplace.

Pack your bags and set out on the roads of Yarns of Echoes, a land full of surprise…


What I found interesting about Yarn of Echoes is the in-game currency players must accumulate to make certain choices, which is a feature that isn’t common within visual novels but could offer a fair amount of engagement for players. At first glance, the game appears rich with lore, evident in the encounters with the side characters and the descriptive backstory they hold. This includes Merethyl, the elf investigator whose apprentice players take on the role of.

The Yarns of Echoes campaign has a generous selection of physical add-ons for backers ranging from stickers and keychains to posters and even a tote bag.

One Eleven

Kickstarter Page, Demo

Funding Goal: 1,100

Ends on: November 26th

In One Eleven, a group gathers on the outskirts of town to attend a speed-dating event. Festivities quickly turn grim, and it’s up to the player to piece together the mystery. The game takes a film noir approach to its art style with its black and white color tones, but there’s an occasional splash of color on each character that makes them pop.

Each character can become your friend and ally, or he can become your main opponent in the story.

One Eleven

The developer mentions that One Eleven features a unique choice system where each choice heavily influences the outcome of the story. Little else is revealed about this feature, but the makers assure that this complex choice system will lead to a variety of different endings. The art style is what really draws me in and leaves a good first impression, and the final release will show if the game’s choice system goes above and beyond. Overall, One Eleven looks like a beautiful game with a thrilling plot that’s likely to offer players a captivating read.

Those who pledge €50+ will receive a digital art book as well as early game access.