November 2021 Kickstarter Round-Up

Check out these five visual novel Kickstarter campaigns for November 2021!

Kickstarter is a great place for developers to receive crowdfunding for their visual novels. Check out these five Kickstarter campaigns from November!

Snail Story: Love Edition by Squish Potato

In this visual novel, you play as Ms. Escargot, a snail who doesn’t quite fit in with her fellow shellfolk. Desperately craving a life outside of Shelltown, she decides to apply for a human college. Until she can make her escape, she is stuck in her hometown riddled with mysteries and romanceable snails.

Update: This Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled as of November 21st, but the studio announced that they will still proceed with development. You can still check out their demo below.

Genre: Romance, Mystery

Tentative Release Date: June 2022

Demo: and Steam

Royal Order by Nifty Visual

Royal Order is an LGBT+ stat-raising game with elements of fantasy and romance. You play as Aarya de Chabenet, an elemental mage navigating a world where pirates and political tensions run rampant. Host social events, execute war campaigns, and improve your skills in this historical visual novel.

Genre: Stat-raising, Historical, Romance

Tentative Release Date: Q4 2023

Demo: and Steam

Kickstarter: Royal Order

Belle Automata by Jellyfish Parade

Aureve is an android with human-like awareness. Upon the passing of her master, her family sells her to a mysterious buyer. His unusual house rules and the secrets revolving around him leave Aureve more than a little curious about her new employer. This otome game allows the player to choose between two unique love interests: an android or a cyborg.

Genre: Sci-fi, Romance

Tentative Release Date: September 5, 2022


Kickstarter: Belle Automata

Crime Opera II: The Floodgate Effect by Crime Opera Studios

This visual novel is the sequel to Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect. This mafia story unfolds the story behind the young members of the Gallos family. The developers allow the player to choose between a kinetic or a choice-based play style.

Genre: Crime

Tentative Release Date: October 2022

Kickstarter: Crime Opera II: The Floodgate Effect

The Inn Between by Cats on a Lilypad Studios

The Inn Between is a BL visual novel following the protagonist, Myka, a barista who has trouble remembering his past. This game combines both modern and fantasy elements as well as three love interests to choose from. Visit a mysterious inn and unfold the mystery behind Myka’s lost memories in this upcoming visual novel.

Genre: Modern Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

Tentative Release Date: July 2023

Demo: and Steam

This project has been fully funded on Kickstarter! If you haven’t already, you can read our demo review of The Inn Between here.