Introducing Tiny Bytes: The Future of VNGD

We’re introducing Tiny Bytes, the future of VN Game Den!

Hello everyone!

We have a couple of announcements about VN Game Den for 2023. The future of VN Game Den is shifting a tiny bit from an ongoing online publication made up of articles, to a bite-sized newsletter that we’ve introduced called Tiny Bytes with Alfy. This change was brought on for a few reasons, but we feel it will give readers a broader look at visual novels and adjacent games, along with the community, in a way we weren’t able to accomplish with VN Game Den’s current format.

In addition to this newsletter, Tiny Bytes with Alfy, we’re introducing a romance-focused newsletter called Tiny Bytes: XOXO for visual novels and adjacent romance games.

Before we dive further into Tiny Bytes, first we want to thank everyone who has funded VN Game Den, especially since September 2022, when our site was about to shut down. Because of your efforts, VN Game Den has been able to stick around for a few more months. Your support meant so much to our team, and we truly cannot thank you enough.

As we move forward with these newsletters, we’ll still be using Patreon, Ko-fi, and advertisements to pay our staff to write the newsletters and research content to be included for the various topics.

What is Tiny Bytes with Alfy?

Tiny Bytes with Alfy is a visual novel and adjacent game-focused newsletter on Mondays that we’ve designed to touch upon many aspects of visual novel-type games and the communities that make them. Some of the topics that we cover in this weekly newsletter include:

  • Industry News
  • New Releases
  • Upcoming Game Jams & Jam Recaps
  • Hidden Gem Games
  • Interviews
  • Insightful Developer Resources

What is Tiny Bytes: XOXO?

Tiny Bytes: XOXO is a romance-focused newsletter on Wednesdays, that will have more in-depth coverage of visual novels and adjacent games that have romance in them. The format will be similar to Tiny Bytes with Alfy, but have sections catered to types of romance games. For example, while Tiny Bytes: XOXO will include news and game releases, we’re also making slots for specific themed romance games, NSFW games, romance-themed game jams, and husbando and waifu of the week! The games included will be all types of romance, including LGBTQIA+ games. Our current topic coverage for Tiny Bytes: XOXO is:

  • Industry News
  • New Releases
  • Genre of the Week
  • Romance Games in Development
  • Who’s That Love Interest?!
  • Spicy Games Corner
  • Alfy Jam-Dar

Can I submit content to Tiny Bytes with Alfy or Tiny Bytes: XOXO?

Tiny Bytes with Alfy is open to content submissions in the form of news, game releases, game jam information, and game development resources. As our team puts together Tiny Bytes with Alfy every week, we’ll be including submissions from this form.

How do I subscribe to Tiny Bytes with Alfy and Tiny Bytes: XOXO?

You can subscribe to our Tiny Bytes newsletters over on the website! You’ll then receive Tiny Bytes with Alfy on Mondays, and Tiny Bytes: XOXO on Wednesdays.

A big thank you to everyone for their support on VN Game Den, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for this newsletter transition! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Courtney Gamache-Owen