Demo Review: Netghost

Step into Ian’s shoes as he tries to figure out who’s behind a recent cyberattack at his place of work in this crime drama on Kickstarter until June 10th!

Netghost is a thrilling crime drama in development by Dragonfire Studios. Step into Ian’s shoes as he tries to figure out who’s behind a recent cyberattack at his place of work. You’ll quickly find that not all is as it seems. 

The game is currently on Kickstarter until June 10th. 

The main character of Netghost is Ian Newfield, a cybersecurity engineer at Daikon Industries. After the company’s encrypted files get leaked on the dark web, Ian is tasked with finding out who did it and also maintaining the company’s security.

We meet a cast of interesting and unique characters who work with Ian, each a possible suspect of the crime. Their dialogue is well-written and believable, one of the game’s strongest narrative points. Because the characters have their own distinct voices, they feel very real, which makes me even more invested in the already thrilling mystery. 

There is also a heartwarming side to the narrative. Ian is working extra hard to pay for his younger sister’s medical bills. Seeing the relationship between the two is wholesome, but it hints at a much more sinister side to the story—all that Ian has to lose in the grander scheme of things. 

Netghost provides a fairly lengthy demo for players, encompassing not only an introduction to the conflict but also the first big step in solving it. It also ends on a very juicy cliffhanger, but I’d expect nothing less from a mystery tale! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen in the full version.

The art in Netghost is high quality. Backgrounds are very detailed, giving us a great idea of the city that Ian works in. Not only that, but the written description of the setting matches the backgrounds perfectly. There’s a reason that everything looks the way it does. We get a sense of this very clearly when Ian describes what his bedroom looks like. 

There are a lot of CGs depicting various scenes, such as Ian going on a walk with his sister. What really impresses me is the animation that goes along with some of the graphics. This is a nice touch, adding even more realism to the game and immersing me further in the world the developers have created. 

The game’s soundtrack is thrilling in all the right places. You can feel the tension rising in particularly dangerous situations, and are able to relax when you’re around Ian’s sister. The background music presents a great balance. I will commend the developers for their use of sound effects as well. You can hear Ian typing away on his computer, or the sounds of people on a bustling city street. 

The Verdict

All in all, I’d recommend Netghost if you’re interested in mysteries, crime dramas, or thrillers. The developers have come up with a world that feels alive and welcoming. Though once you jump in, I’m sure you’ll be biting your nails while you wait to see what happens next!

You can download the Netghost demo to play yourself on Dragonfire Studios’ website and back their Kickstarter until June 10th. 

Anna Mirabella