Cover My Visual Novel April 2022 Edition

Check out this month’s “Cover My VN” article, featuring games like My Alien Roommate, After Tech, The Last Secret, and more!

This month on “Cover My VN,” we’re going to look at a few visual novels that have been either released or announced this week!

Our Highlight:

My Alien Roommate

First up is My Alien Roommate by Wholesome Wraith. When I saw on Twitter that development on this game had started, I was extremely excited. Based on the unique premise alone, I was drawn in. When an alien shops up on your doorstep, what do you do? Befriend him? Send him back home? Romance him? It seems like the possibilities are almost limitless for the player character, Riley. 

On March 26th, the demo for My Alien Roommate was released. You have the ability to name your character and choose their gender. It features three male love interests who are equally intriguing (though Enoch the alien is clearly the best boy). The demo contains 65,000 words, which makes for about five to six hours of gameplay! You’re getting a really good look at what the full version will entail with this demo. 

When playing through the demo myself, I found myself entranced by the game’s soundtrack. The eclectic tones are subtle, allowing the tension to creep up inside as the strange scenarios begin to unfold. The art is wonderful. We get sprites with not only multiple expressions but poses as well. Not to mention, Enoch gets two designs (both his alien and human forms).

The story in My Alien Roommate is at first tense and serious, but it quickly becomes lighthearted as you maneuver your new lifestyle with Enoch by your side. How will you end up living your life? That’s for you to decide. My biggest complaint about My Alien Roommate is the pace of the game’s opening. Things happen so quickly I felt as if I didn’t even have a second to digest the action. Still, I think the story that is given to us is compelling and warrants a playthrough!

Newly Announced:

Ardency: Heart of the Rebellion

Ardency: Heart of the Rebellion was announced fairly recently on Twitter by Lacydigital, and though a demo hasn’t been released yet, I still think this is a game worth keeping your eye on. Ardency is a medieval fantasy otome/amare game where you’ll need to navigate a war between two neighboring kingdoms.  

What we know so far about the game: 

  • It has a nameable protagonist (with the default name being Rosalie)
  • There are four diverse love interests 
  • There’s a whole lot of romance (!!!)

I’m really excited for this one because players have been promised the opportunity to not only befriend the other characters but also possibly betray them, and who doesn’t love a little drama in their romantic fantasy games? 

Other Mentions:

Check out these other titles that have been released recently and submitted through the “Cover My Visual Novel” form. 

After Tech

Play as Jonas, a hacker navigating his way through a conspiracy online. What happens when he finds a mysterious digital egg all by itself? Things get interesting when he finds out he may not be the only one who’s stumbled upon one of these mysterious eggs!

The Last Secret

Join four teenage friends as you try to save the world and uncover some conspiracies. There are puzzles you can complete and friends, enemies, and even lovers that you can make! There are a total of eight good endings that you can explore. 

Siren’s Call

How will you spend your last day in Siren’s Call? Hang out with your friends and say goodbye after having spent the last few weeks with them. This game has choices that matter, some even with dire consequences for the player. 

Don’t forget that you can let us know about your visual novel via our “Cover My VN” form if you’d like us to check it out!

Anna Mirabella