Characters With Stylish Halloween Costumes

We’re taking a look at characters from Halloween-themed visual novels that have amazing costume designs!

Halloween is a holiday that’s celebrated all over the world. People dress up in costumes, go to festively spooky parties, and take their children out trick-or-treating for candy. We can see these traditions mirrored in visual novels as well. With the popularity of the Spooktober visual novel jam especially, there has been a surge of games taking place during the Halloween season. We’re taking a look at some games, from Spooktober and beyond, that feature amazing costume designs!

Jim as a Mage (Hearts and Hexes)

Hearts and Hexes was first released during the 2021 Spooktober Jam by OBP. The story follows a faceless protagonist as she attempts to go to her first ever party, and a Halloween-themed one at that! Sabrina is inexperienced in a lot of social situations, so she relies on her new acquaintances (and possibly even friends) to make the best of the party. One such person is the party’s host, Jim. Jim is a Dungeons & Dragons superfan, having his own game that he is the Dungeon Master for. For his Halloween party, Jim decides to dress up as his own mage character, Sir Theomantius Majoris. Sir Theomantius has a host of accolades, though none more interesting than the person who thought him up. The best part of Jim’s costume is that he made it entirely himself! 

Mr. Bandages as a Mummy (Halloween Otome)

Some say that Halloween Otome by Synokoria is a classic otome game that’s enjoyable no matter the season. I would be one of these people, so of course I have to include one of the costumes in this list. While everyone seems to have a unique costume, Mr. Bandages, also known as Mr. Grumpy to his team, is dressed up as a mummy. However, his design isn’t composed of simply white bandages wrapped around himself. Mr. Bandages also has a torn black overshirt and leather straps hanging from his body. He’s certainly got an edgier look to him that his less-than-amiable personality only adds to!  

Sandy as Ribbit the Frog (I’m Just Here to Change the Lights)

Sandy is the first character you meet in I’m Just Here to Change the Lights by Cygni, which was released for the 2021 Spooktober Game Jam. She schedules for a Task Hare worker to come and help change the lights in her apartment building. Along the way, as you try and get your job done, you’ll run into the three roommates already dressed in their Halloween costumes. Each will ask you to guess what they are. Sandy’s costume seems almost mundane upon first look. She’s wearing regular clothes with a blue puppet on one of her hands. She insists that everyone should know what TV show she’s from.    

You can guess Ribbit the Frog, which will make her happy. I adore Sandy’s costume because of the sheer passion she’s put into it. Sandy dresses as something she cares a lot about, and not a simple and generic costume. When you play the game, you’ll see that it matches her personality quite well!

Rowan as a Vampire Pirate (Hallow Masquerade)

Hallow Masquerade is an entry to this year’s Spooktober Jam by Studio Suzumi. After your friend bails on you the night of Halloween, you get a very interesting invite to a mysterious party at the Dark Castle, delivered by messenger bat. With no other plans, you decide to see what this party is all about. Along the way, you meet a charming character who goes by the name of Rowan. His costume is quite unique; he’s dressed as a vampire pirate. Unlike some of the others at the party, Rowan’s mask covers only part of his face, so you can see one of his piercing eyes and his dazzling smile. His outfit is open slightly in the front, though it has a beautiful draped cape and neck piece. While pirates usually wear rough and tattered clothes, Rowan looks quite elegant in his costume, and his words seem to match that sentiment as well.    

What are some of your favorite costumes that you’ve seen in Halloween-themed games? Let us know in the comments below!

Anna Mirabella