5 Visual Novels to Play on Halloween Night

5 spooky games you can play this Halloween!

These five games together make the perfect recipe for a fun and spooky Halloween evening!

1. Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam)

Price: US $11.99

The highly anticipated Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip was released on October 21st this year as a special treat for us this Halloween. You might be surprised to find that this title is a survival game at its core, with dating sim elements for a romantic flair that ties back to the original game’s theme.

The script for Monster Prom 3 is flavored with comedy, very much like the previous installments of the series, which is a huge reason behind the game’s appeal. The narrator doesn’t shy away from making fun of you, the tag-along MC in the road trip, and even the choices can be humorous too, like choosing to prank call the front desk at a hotel. Along the way on your road trip with your fellow monster friends, you can even check out the freak show at a carnival—the perfect activity for Halloween night. The cleverly peppered-in bits of comedy are what make this game feel so lively and enjoyable. Monster Prom 3 will be on sale until November 1st, so act fast if you want this game at a discount!

2. Sucker For Love: First Date

Platforms: Windows (itch.io, Steam)

Price: US $9.99

A mysterious pink Necronomicon is delivered to you, so you use it to summon a dangerously cute creature named Ln’eta. Let the chaos begin!

Perform rituals and read excerpts from the Necronomicon via point-and-click mini games that are unique in comparison to any other visual novel I’ve played. One thing to note about this game is that it’s far from your traditional romance game, and is actually caked with gore and other dark themes that encompass the eldritch horror genre. This makes it a perfect Halloween dating sim—for those who can stomach its graphic nature.

3. Locked Up

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam)

Price: $2.99

Follow the protagonist on her mushroom hunting expedition as she explores the depths of the forest, even trekking into uncharted territory where remains are found scattered and exposed.

The story begins with peaceful music and pretty forest scenery that build an almost cozy ambiance, but the black-and-white color scheme alone foreshadows that the story will unfold into something much less tranquil. Breadcrumbs of scary occurrences slowly ramp up as the MC progresses through the forest, alerting your spook-senses that scream for her to get out of there. But like any good horror story or movie, the characters always dive further into peril with blissful ignorance or insatiable curiosity, and that’s what makes for an entertaining read. If you’re not afraid of what lies ahead, then get your flashlights out and see what transpires in Locked Up.

4. FrankenHeart

Platforms: Windows, Mac (itch.io)

Price: Free

Did you enjoy pining for dates in the first Monster Prom? In FrankenHeart, you also need a date, except in this game it’s to the Halloween Dance—not to mention, you’re a mad scientist who can create the perfect date in your secret lab.

You’ll immediately take a quiz in order to find out what your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend is, and once the results are in, you’ll start putting the parts together. Where did you get the ingredients? Luckily, we don’t have to know, but at least you get to name your creation and hope that making your own date in a lab doesn’t lead to anything crazy. The concept of FrankenHeart is creative and adorable, but mixed in with the lighthearted comedy and deceptively light horror, there’s actual bloodshed and havoc that ensues, so choose carefully.

5. The Haunted Fair

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linus (itch.io)

Price: Free

The autumn fair is in town, and a group of friends decide to treat themselves to a little fall-themed fun filled with caramel treats and fun games. Unfortunately, the fair is notorious for mysterious disappearances and a legendary curse that’s at the core of it all.

The game jumps in with three friends—Kim, Dee, and Berry—discussing the seasonal fair, and despite knowing full well that the fair is haunted, it doesn’t stop them from attending. At the fair, there are prizes to be won, and there’s a nostalgic selection of prizes you can choose from such as your favorite toy or fair treat, but even these seemingly innocent choices have their own influence on the story.

Playing The Haunted Fair, I really felt like I was at a spooky festival, especially when it was time to walk through the house of mirrors. Navigating through that maze was daunting and confusing. I appreciated the realistic nature of the scene by having to navigate which way to traverse through hundreds of mirrors. All in all, the plot twist actually took me by surprise, and the game’s mixture of spooky and cute makes it just too good to pass up!